Are You…

  • home alone with your newborn and struggling with breastfeeding, wondering do I have enough milk? Why does this hurt so much? Why is my baby unsettled?
  • desperately seeking sleep, but you can’t bear to leave your baby to cry in order to ‘train’ him (but this is the only advice you hear)?

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I can help…

Right in the comfort of your own home (no struggling with getting a baby into a car between screams and no struggling to find a car park), I can show you some simple strategies to help with breastfeeding, infant calming and sleeping and how you can bond closely with your baby so that you feel calm, confident and ‘in charge’ and you can ENJOY this precious time.

Call: +61 3 867 83928 or email

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Please Note: due to overwhelming demand, Pinky will not be taking consultation bookings until further notice

A consultation with Pinky

As an International Board Certified Lactation consultant (IBCLC), certified infant massage instructor and infant sleep consultant, Pinky McKay offers support with Breastfeeding, infant sleep and settling and private infant massage sessions in the comfort of your own home. Priority is given to mothers of newborns (under six weeks), especially if you are having breastfeeding difficulties, because of course, your number one priority is to feed your baby and things can escalate out of control very quickly without appropriate advice and support.

At each visit, Pinky will take a history and work with you and your unique issues and your individual baby to create a plan of action. She does not ‘DO” anything TO your baby or you: Pinky’s breastfeeding support follows a ‘hands off’ approach so that you will be able to feed confidently when she leaves your home – she will not touch your breasts or grab/ push your baby’s head.

Pinky is completely against leaving babies to cry in order to self -settle or sleep, so she will help you create a plan for making changes ‘gradually with love’. She will help you work out why your baby is unsettled or waking frequently and then offer a solution focussed approach that supports your needs and your baby’s development and emotional needs.

If necessary, Pinky will suggest/offer referrals to appropriate practitioners who also support gentle baby care approaches.

Booking a consultation with Pinky

Pinky says, “I want to give new parents and their babies my full attention and the time they deserve to ‘iron out little creases’ and solve more difficult problems without having stressed mothers watching the clock.” In order to do this, rather than charge an hourly rate, Pinky charges an upfront fee for personalised consultations in the comfort and privacy of your own home, as well as phone consultations.

Please note: Pinky is based in Melbourne, Australia. Interstate or overseas clients need to book phone consultations. Calls can be arranged for clients outside of Australia using skype or Pinky’s international line which uses local charge rates in many countries.

If you live within the City of Knox, please request local rates.

Consultation options

Premium Consultation package with Pinky

The Premium Consultation package includes a 3 hour private consultation in your own home, intensive support and follow-up, with access to Pinky’s personal phone number for questions and reassurance as needed during this stressful time.

Investment: $450

This option includes:

  • Three hour consultation in the privacy and comfort of your own home
  • A history of your baby’s health, development and current presenting issues
  • Assessment of your own health, lifesyle and support networks
  • A gentle, personalised action plan to suit your unique baby and family situation
  • Written notes for you to refer to later
  • Suggested referrals to other practitioners where appropriate and helpful
  • A ‘Pinky Package’ of books – ‘Parenting by Heart’, ‘Sleeping Like a Baby’ (or Toddler Tactics if you have an older baby).
  • Appropriate follow-up information via email
  • FREE phone follow up calls within 14 days of Pinky’s visit (at a mutually agreeable time).

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Phone consultations

A phone consultation with Pinky may help parents of babies or toddlers to address some issues. Please be aware that Pinky will not be able to observe your baby or child/ assess specific feeding difficulties etc over the phone but can refer you to appropriate practical help and offer immediate suggestions.

Investment: is $127 for a one hour consultation, payable by credit card over the phone at the time of consultation. As with private visits, phone consultations will be by appointment. This can be arranged by email or an initial call.


Because of the large number of emails Pinky receives each day and the limited nature of emails and obtaining important information, as well as the time required to respond appropriately, Pinky is unable to offer email consultations and advice. If you need help please make a booking for a phone or personal consultation with Pinky or check out her books and recording packages.


Please Note: Until further notice, Pinky is only accepting bookings for Phone Consulations

Call: +61 3 867 83928 or email

Book a Consultation with Pinky

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Hi Pinky,

Just wanted to let you know Madeline had a lip and tongue tie and both were lasered yesterday morning.  I breastfed her about 10 minutes later and it was a totally different experience not painful for me and we could see her mouth could open wide and she latched on without our normal struggle and me pretty much forcing her on and then hating it as it hurt like hell!

Despite her being uncomfortable at present from the procedure and just wanting cuddles (which we love giving to her) the feeding since yesterday and overnight feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and she seems to feed better not for as long and we are able to settle her so quick and get her back into her bassinet for sleep so much easier.

Thank you so much we really appreciate your help. Madeline is our ivf miracle after 7 clomid cycles and then 5 years of IVF . . . I was wanting to give her the best start possible by breastfeeding and was so upset that we were having so many problems and not knowing why.  I was ready to give up and move onto formula however from a brief encounter with you on Tuesday you have made such a difference and helped us so much and we really appreciate it.
Kind Regards,

Danielle, Paul and Madeline