Imagine feeling relaxed, calm and confident…

as you nuture your baby or child, gently and safely, with respect for their needs as you balance your own.

Are You...

  • expecting a baby and feeling overloaded with information? Thinking, I want to breastfeed – if I can. But so many of my friends had problems?
  • home alone with your newborn and wishing you had a buzzer to call for help with feeding, sleeping and calming the tears (yours and your baby's!)?
  • desperately seeking sleep, but you can't bear to leave your baby to cry in order to 'train' him (but this is the only advice you hear)?
  • Are you wondering, which information can I trust? Will I be able to breastfeed? What is the best way to help my baby sleep? If we cuddle him too much, are we creating 'bad habits'?
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Wouldn’t you feel much better if you could have a nurturing guide to help you adapt to this new and exciting (but confusing and challenging) time?

Somebody who can light your way through a dark tunnel of confusion and overwhelm; somebody who isn't judgemental yet can look at the situation with fresh eyes and a wealth of experience and training; somebody calm and gentle who can help you see the wood from the trees and who will really listen to you? In every other aspect of your life whether it is in regards to professional development, fitness, or finances, you seek out role models, trainers and mentors, so why go it alone in the most important role of all – becoming parents and nurturing your precious baby?

You have the power within you to be exactly the parent you want to be. I have helped thousands of parents just like you, to seize this power and nurture with confidence and joy. And I can help you.

I offer personal one on one support through private in-home or phone consultations, on-going support through my online ‘Mummy Mentor’ programs and a wealth of information in my articles, blog, books and recording packages as well as my FREE newsletter.

Together, we can work it out because…

I not only have the runs on the board professionally – I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) and a best-selling author - I am also a mother of five. I know exactly how it feels to be at the front-line – day and night! I understand the balancing act between meeting your child's needs and taking care of yourself and I can empathise with the enormous pressure you feel to get everything 'right' amidst the confusion and overwhelm you feel when you are being bombarded by conflicting information. I also appreciate that every baby is a unique little person and every family has their own special way of being.

Please take heart – all information I share is based on the latest research. However, it is presented so simply that even in a muddled new mama state, you will quickly feel in charge; you will bond deeply with your baby ( even after a difficult beginning); you will enjoy precious moments of delight with your little one and your confidence will soar!

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I just wanted to say a massive thank you. I have read your “Parenting by Heart” book and follow you on Facebook. I have been super encouraged by your gentleness and strength when it comes to parenting. I especially appreciate how you allow people to disagree with you without judgement but stick to your own convictions. It makes me feel comfortable to do the same.

My little girl has just gotten to 4 months and she has just started to sleep by herself during the day. She’s been able to sleep by herself at night for awhile but during the day, she has needed to be moved or held or rocked for all her naps. I kept getting told to just put her down and let her “work it out” which I imagine is code for “cry it out”. But it never felt right to me. So I’ve carried her, rocked her in the pram or walked for hours to help her sleep.

This week was the first time that she slept by herself for her day naps and the first time she did it, I cried because she did it herself and I didn’t need to cause her any discomfort by letting her cry.

So thank you for your support and your encouragement to just parent her instinctually without fear of creating “bad habits”.



Hi Pinky,

Just wanted to let you know Madeline had a lip and tongue tie and both were lasered yesterday morning. I breastfed her about 10 minutes later and it was a totally different experience not painful for me and we could see her mouth could open wide and she latched on without our normal struggle and me pretty much forcing her on and then hating it as it hurt like hell!

Despite her being uncomfortable at present from the procedure and just wanting cuddles (which we love giving to her) the feeding since yesterday and overnight feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and she seems to feed better not for as long and we are able to settle her so quick and get her back into her bassinet for sleep so much easier.

Thank you so much we really appreciate your help. Madeline is our ivf miracle after 7 clomid cycles and then 5 years of IVF . . . I was wanting to give her the best start possible by breastfeeding and was so upset that we were having so many problems and not knowing why. I was ready to give up and move onto formula however from a brief encounter with you on Tuesday you have made such a difference and helped us so much and we really appreciate it.

Kind Regards,

Danielle, Paul and Madeline

Attended Pinky’s Toddler Tactics seminar in melbourne today, and I want to say how informative my husband and I found it. We have 3 girls (4yo, 2yo and 7week old) and what we heard and learnt today will benefit all our girls and ourselves in parenting gentler. Pinky’s tactics resonated with me as how i wish to parent and gave me ideas to change our current skills to more understanding skills. Thank you Pinky for the oportunity to attend.

Leia Barrett

Great TED talk Pinky!

As a total ‘Jane’ (you could have been describing me, except add in that I was also doing mummy and baby yoga, gymbaroo, baby massage and post natal pilates… no wonder I was exhausted all the time) I also had a lightbulb moment at a talk you gave at glen eira town hall 3 years or so ago. After a mchn told me ‘we have a special chapter in the handbook for lawyers and doctors turned mothers – it’s titled ‘lower the bar and go easy on yourself for a little while” and reading your book, everything changed for the better. Suddenly it all clicked.

Endured 2 bouts of mastitis and ongoing pnd but kept feeding and bonding with my little fella and listening to my heart, not my head, despite this being quite a strange thing for me to do. I will admit now that I still probably did way too much thinking and doing and ‘shoulding’ but the habits that served me so well to that point were really hard to break!

At those 3am feeds I used to think about all those other mums out there across Melbourne and Australia nurturing their babies too. What an empowering moment for women everywhere.

My baby is now a rambunctious, engaging and confident 3 year old and I’m juggling the demands of a super busy legal practice with being his mummy but we are doing it our way. Pyjama days rule at our place.

I’m going to be recommending your TED talk far and wide. I see many women struggling with the many changes of motherhood in my profession and I hope this will give them some insight into the reality that they are enough.

Please keep doing your amazing work. You really have made and continue to make a difference.

Cate x