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5 April, 2012 3:40PM AEST
By Penny Johnston (Penny Johnston is the presenter of Babytalk

If you wait long enough in fashion your old clothes will eventually become trendy again and so it seems with parenting techniques as well. The wonderful Pinky McKay is a parenting educator who has seen trends come and go, even falling foul of a few as a new mother herself. Babytalk caught up with Pinky McKay before she appeared at the Toddler and Baby Show in Melbourne and chatted about how everything old is new again in the world of parenting trends.

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Many old theories that we were well rid of years ago are back trending again and I wonder why it is that we new parents are being sold old theories that might do more harm than good, relying as they do on what we "should" be doing with our new babies.

Pinky McKay started her career as a parenting educator when she found herself home alone as a new mother in New Zealand. She found she was doing things rather differently to her neighbours and peers and as a consequence had a much easier time of being a mum, fast forward a few years and she is one of Australia's most loved 'Baby Experts'.

It was great to meet Pinky, chat to her about parenting styles and how despite the trends, the experts, the books and advice, it's really only love that works. Love, time and a little bit of confidence that you know your baby better than anyone else in the whole world, only you are the expert on your baby.

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