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Sleeping Like a Baby

simple sleep solutions for babies and toddlers

Pinky McKay - Australia's calm baby expert

Are you obsessed about your baby’s sleep?

Do you feel ‘weak’ because you can’t bear to leave your baby to cry himself to sleep?

Would you like to relax more and enjoy being a parent?

‘Sleeping Like a Baby’ by Pinky McKay can help you ditch the guilt and self-doubt about your baby’s sleep – or lack of it.


Parenting expert Pinky McKay argues that sleep training methods that advise leaving babies to cry can add to the stress faced by parents. A more natural, intuitive approach to settling your child, ‘Sleeping Like a Baby’ will help you understand normal infant sleep at each stage of development, from birth to three years

Pinky will help you:

  • Create a safe sleeping environment;

  • Help your baby sleep naturally, without resorting to ‘cry it out’ regimes;

  • Read your baby’s body language so that learning to sleep becomes a stress-free process for parent and child;

  • Feed infants to encourage sleep;

  • Assist your baby’s sleep with natural aids such as massage and music, and meditation for toddlers;

  • Gently change any ‘habit’ gradually, with love, when you and your baby are ready and;

  • Ignore the pressure to implement ‘one size fits all’ baby management routines and feel confident that YOU are the expert about YOUR baby’s sleep needs.

Thank you Pinky for a loving and caring book that not only understands babies, but parents too. I will be recommending your book to all mothers.

mother of twelve week old twins

Your book was the wake up I needed and I'm sad that I've wasted the last 4.5 months trying to fit my baby into a mould instead of embracing who she is. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


"I just want to thank you for your wonderful book (Sleeping Like a Baby) - I read it in one day.

I was under a lot of pressure from family to sleep train using the CIO method and before even falling pregnant I hated the practice. I was told that I need parenting classes; that my baby won’t reach her milestones; that I’m spoiling her; that I’m creating further sleep issues; that my baby is ruling the roost; and that I’m “free range” parenting.

The health nurse that checks her development also told me to stop night feeding and give her water instead because she should be sleeping 12 hours overnight without the need to feed. She was only 6 months at the time. She also said to give her as much water as she wants. I tried this for one wake up and then “gave in” and fed her to sleep and I have no regrets.

She is a very happy and thriving 9 month old. I still feed or cuddle her to sleep depending on what she needs and have continued to feed her overnight if she wants a feed. Sometimes she sleeps 12 hours, sometimes she is awake every hour and I’m happy to respond to her needs. Your book has given me the confidence to shrug off all the horrible advice that I’m given as a first time mum and to follow my own instincts.


I just bought your wonderful book for a mum to be for her baby shower gift 💕
I found it so reassuring and filled with love when I had my first. I just wish I had read it 6 months earlier at the time 💕💗
I have 3 beautiful babies xx

via Facebook

I stopped listening to the advice of many well-meaning people!!!!!!

Instead - I got Pinky's "Sleeping Like a Baby" and it's seriously been like a breath of fresh air. I feel so much calmer and nowhere near as tired. I feel somehow that I have been given "permission" (crazy I know) to do what in my heart I always felt was right. My baby now gets many, many more cuddles, as much eye contact as he likes, we have beautiful baths together, naps peacefully during the day (well, nearly all the time - but I am not being so caught up in making sure he sleeps the regimented "required" sleep time...and we both seem very happy with that!) and he sleeps soundly next to me in his cot at night. We (baby, hubbie & I) are all a lot happier, and just feel more calm and peaceful.

It's soooooo nice not feeling like I have to live up to this "ideal" - I have given myself permission to raise my child with love and warmth and lots of mummy intuition! I believe that my baby now feels more heard and listened to.

What a wonderful book - thank you so much Pinky, you are a true angel!


I’m just finishing your book ‘sleeping like a baby’ and absolutely loved it. I only wish I had found it 8 months earlier. The ‘advice’ given by the Maternal Child Health Nurses and midwives around junk sleep, self settling and sleep associations has meant I have been constantly stressed about my 8 month old getting into bad habits and creating a rod for my own back by rocking or feeding her to sleep... she fights sleep and is a very aware baby. Rather than enjoying my time with her ive been trying to conform and model her into the ‘perfect’ baby. Sleeping wise she is not, but I don’t care anymore and I feel so much more powerfully equiped and able to enjoy my time with her. Thank you 😊

Natalie Leeding

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