The Truth About Sleep Training

with Carly Grubb

Episode 19: The Truth About Sleep Training

All babies are different! How could a ‘one size fits all’ approach to baby sleep possibly work (particularly an approach that advocates separation of mother and baby)?

In this insightful episode, Pinky interviews Carly Grubb, Founder and managing director of Australian charity, Little Sparklers, home of The Beyond Sleep Training Project and Podcast.

Carly and Pinky discuss the myth of self-soothing and settling, the impact of separation on milk production, poorly qualified ‘professionals’ offering poorly researched programs, and that help for Mum’s sleep deprivation may have everything to do with sharing home and family duties (and nothing to do with bubs sleeping patterns ;>)

Find out what’s beyond sleep training.


Little Sparklers

‘Sleeping Like a Baby’ (Penguin Random House) by Pinky McKay

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More about Carly Grubb

Carly Grubb is the founder and managing director of the Australian charity, Little Sparklers, home of The Beyond Sleep Training Project and Podcast.

She is the mother of three young children and lives with her husband and little ones in the outback town of Mount Isa.

Carly is passionate about changing the way families are supported as they navigate the early years of nurturing their babes throughout the day and night.

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