Women, motherhood, rage and unconditional love

with Emily Writes

Episode 6: Women, motherhood, rage and unconditional love

Here to share her Tits Up story is Emily Writes, from New Zealand, Emily is a wife, a mum of two beautiful boys, a writer and author of two great books, ‘Rants in the Dark’ and ‘Is it Bedtime yet? Emily is a no BS woman, she tells it like it is and calls out the BS as she sees it, and when she’s not being serious, she is bloody hilarious! Most of all Emily is a passionate advocate for her two little boys, especially her son Eddie who has serious medical issues, including type one diabetes.

In this interview Emily shares the tits up moments (there were a few in her first year of motherhood) that stirred her rage – and writing – about women and motherhood:

  • How one of her blog post rants went viral and started a sh*t storm.
  • The biggest pressures she sees for mothers right now and where these are coming from.
  • Unconditional love – what is it? How it shows up and how it’s tested for us as mums?
  • The personal impact of having a medically fragile baby who is now a medically fragile child and also has type one diabetes, how it is mothering Eddie, the fears, the love and the sibling relationships between Emily’s two little boys, each with different high needs.
  • Emily’s rant and rage about self-styled experts giving shitty advice that patronises and undermines mothers.   
  • The ‘sniff test’ – tips and red flags to watch out for to sift out the charlatans.

And of course, her best tip for how you can be the mother you want to be.

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More about our guest - Emily Writes:

Emily Writes is the pen name of our guest, she’s a Mum of two, blogger and writer based in Wellington, New Zealand. Emily has written parenting columns for Metro magazine, The New Zealand Herald and the New Zealand Women’s Weekly and is editor of The Spinoff Parents.

Emily Writes has published two books on parenting, ‘Rants in the Dark’, which was adapted as a play that toured New Zealand, and ‘Is it Bedtime Yet?’, a collection of stories by mothers.

Follow Emily Writes at her website. Listen to her podcast – The Mother Yarns.


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