Being Brought Up by Experts, Influences, Changes and Nurturing Your Babies your way.

with Erin Basile and Hayden Sears

Episode 1: Being Brought Up by Experts, Influences, Changes and Nurturing Your Babies your way.


Join guests, Erin Basile and Hayden Sears, daughters of the renowned William Sears – Dr Bill, US Paediatrician and his wife Martha Sears. Dr Bill is famous for his incredible number of books about babies, families, health and wellness – many co-authored by Martha. Dr Bill is perhaps most famous for creating the term ‘attachment parenting’.

Erin, a first-time mom, is a yoga teacher, fitness instructor, Voice and piano teacher, and published author of The Dr. Sears T5 Wellness Plan and The Healthy Motherhood Journal.  Hayden, a mother of three – a ‘tween and 2 teens’ –  is a certified health and nutrition coach, co-author of The Healthy Pregnancy Journal and contributing author to The Healthy Brain Book.

Hear what it is like being brought up by ‘experts’ – the influences, pressures, changes and how this fits together for Erin and Hayden with their own families:

  • Were there conscious choices around how they wanted to nurture their own babies and children or was there a deeper, more intuitive type of ‘imprinting’?
  • How did they negotiate and compromise with partners who grew up with different family styles?
  • What have been their ‘tits up’ moments in parenting – yes even experts’ offspring have ‘tits up’ moments!

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More about our guests - Erin Basile and Hayden Sears:

Erin Basile is a featured writer for and has been a guest on TV shows and Podcast including; Hallmark’s Home and

Family, The Dr. Nandi Show, and Just Jenny. She holds a M.A. in Music from Azusa Pacific University, as well as her Master Health Coach Certification from The Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, and multiple fitness certifications. In addition to fitness, she also enjoys teaches voice and piano lessons, owns a Juice Plus+ virtual franchise and health and wellness coaching business. She encourages and guides her students to live a joyful, connected life one day at a time.

Hayden Sears, mother of three, is a certified health and nutrition coach who loves helping families and individuals on their journey toward better health. She is the co-author of The Healthy Pregnancy Journal and contributing author to The Healthy Brain Book<   The oldest daughter of Dr. William and Martha Sears, she has worked with the Sears Family Pediatrics medical practice for over fifteen years as Wellness Coordinator. She is a featured writer for; has been a guest on TV shows and news stations sharing nutrition tips, healthy meal options, and the benefits of baby wearing; and is excited to co-host The Dr. Sears Family Podcast. Hayden owns a Juice Plus+ virtual franchise and travels all over the world speaking about how to keep ourselves and our families healthy. She received her MA from Azusa Pacific University and resides in Southern California. Having home-schooled for ten years, she now volunteers at her kids’ schools and enjoys dancing, performing arts, and yoga.

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