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Friday 5th August at 1pm AEST/ Thursday 4th August US Pacific, 8pm


Are you…

  • Pregnant and thinking, ‘I’ll breastfeed –if I can’?
  • Uncertain about what you need to do to prepare for breastfeeding?
  • Struggling with a newborn and wondering, do I have enough milk? Why does it hurt? Is this normal? Will feeding always take this long?
  • Enjoying breastfeeding but feeling alone in your choice because your friends aren’t breastfeeding/ your mother and mother-in-law didn’t breastfeed, so you are facing subtle (or direct) pressure to ‘give her a bottle’ /offer solids/ wean, even though this isn’t what you and your baby want?

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  • Do you work with new mothers and want to ‘brush up’ on your skills to support them in their breastfeeding experience? If you are a doula, counsellor, postnatal support worker or midwife and you want to offer the best support to your clients, then this teleseminar is also for you

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There is a wealth of information about breastfeeding and while some of it is helpful, some of it is not at all. In fact, often misinformation outweighs helpful advice.


So, how do you know who to believe?


That is why we would like to invite you to a FREE teleseminar





About Pinky

Pinky McKay is International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (this is the gold standard for lactation consultant qualifications – you need thousands of documented hours helping women breastfeed and have to pass a stringent international exam to qualify). Pinky has breastfed her own five children so knows first-hand the challenges and joys of mothering through breastfeeding.

Pinky McKay, International Board certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), runs a private practice in Melbourne specializing in gentle parenting techniques. A sought after keynote speaker and best-selling author with 4 titles published by Penguin: Parenting By Heart, Sleeping Like a Baby, 100 Ways to Calm the Crying and Toddler Tacics. She’s an expert source for media appearing regularly on major network TV and quoted in various publications. Pinky’s books and parenting resources can be found on her website Pinky is also the creator of Boobie Bikkies, all natural and organic cookies to boost energy and support a healthy breastmilk supply. Find out more and download Pinky’s FREE ebook “Making More Mummy Milk, Naturally’ at


Why do I need this information?

In my work, I see so many women struggling to breastfeed their babies. This should be natural and normal but because of so much conflicting advice and misinformation, breastfeeding isn’t happening naturally or normally for many mothers and babies.

Let’s face it, if feeding our young was really meant to be fraught with difficulty, the human race would have become extinct long ago. So there must be a way to breastfeed without struggle and pain. And, for most women, there is!

My greatest reward is when a mother smiles in astonishment and says, – ‘wow! That doesn’t hurt now,’ or, ‘I really DO have enough milk?”. Or after a few weeks we connect again and she says,   “I haven’t given my baby any formula since you came to see me.”

Breastfeeding can be simple, natural, pain free – and NORMAL! But you do need the information and support to make this happen – preferably before you have a crying baby in your arms and doubt in your heart!

What will I learn?

On this FREE call, you will learn:

  • How to get breastfeeding off to the best start –right from the moment your baby is born;
  • How to avoid sore nipples, blocked ducts and mastitis – so you can prevent common problems and enjoy a pain free breastfeeding experience;
  • How to know if you have enough milk – and how to increase your milk supply if you need to (you will be surprised how easy this can be!);
  • What to do if your baby won’t breastfeed, including common reasons for babies not feeding well;
  • How to plan and enjoy each day with your breastfed baby – routines, going out, including partners.

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If you were going to start any new job, you would learn all you could –wouldn’t you? If you were going on holiday to another country, you would learn as much as you could about that place before you left – or would you simply trust any stranger who offered you directions?

While we truly believe that breastfeeding is normal and natural, we also know from first- hand experience that the more practical information and support you have, the more confident you will feel and the less likely you will be to encounter difficulties or feel undermined by inappropriate advice.

So, the more you will be able to relax and enjoy your baby!

So, how does a teleseminar work?

This information is easy to access – you can listen to the call live (and FREE) on your computer. Or, you can call in on a designated phone line (it’s a US line but there are local call numbers for a number of countries, or you can use skype).

What if I can’t make the call, will it be recorded?

YES! The call will be recorded so if you can’t make the live call, you can download the recording later (and listen again and again) as you work, drive, exercise or feed your baby.

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