Conversations With a Ukraine Mother, On The Road

This conversation with Kateryna, a Ukraine mother took place as she and her husband were driving.

They had been together to find supplies of food and medicine. Her husband’s mum has diabetes. They split up to make their trip more efficient, one to the supermarket, one to a pharmacy, both with hundreds of people also lining up, trying to get supplies. They managed to find insulin and milk for the little ones (Formula because it will last longer than fresh milk)., but they hadn’t been able to find any petrol. They were trying to find their way home without meeting enemy roadblocks.

As Kateryna was showing me the view from their car windows, there were explosions, smoke, empty streets, I saw a plane. Then another explosion (you will hear this in the audio). Then the screen froze and we lost contact.

I messaged to ask, ‘are you safe?’

Kateryna messaged me that they were unharmed.  Being a Mum (it’s automatic to check on our kids), I asked her to please message me when they arrived ‘home’ safely.)  Yes, she let me know they had arrived and were back with their babies.

Kateryna tells what happened: “When we were on our way back, there was an air attack that hit blocks of flats, heart hospital, pharmacy, and other non-military buildings. The air plane could be heard above our heads, and new pillars of smoke and dirt appeared on the sky. The hit was performed with a plane. It was very loud and scary. My brother’s home is a couple hundred meters from the epicentre of the blow. He collected his family and left the city. He is now facing the dangers of roads, mines, air assaults and he is looking for a shelter. His children are 6 and 1 year old.

My heart is broken. I don’t know if I see him again.”

Listen here 

(I can’t show visual footage. For security, we need to keep Kateryna’s location hidden).