Diversity in Mothering Journeys

with Jana Pitman

Episode 10: Diversity in Mothering Journeys


Dr Jana Pitman – Olympian, World Champion athlete, mother of four and medical Dr in a busy emergency dept through the pandemic.

You’ll feel yourself getting ‘puffed out’ just listening to Jana Pittman’s life!

Often we think of athletes as determined, competitive, single minded and often, extrinsically motivated (and as time has gone by, Jana has questioned the importance of that approval of others), but that’s not all this amazing person is…

Jana is a:

  • Mum – who found her way through breast feeding problems, negotiates ‘mother guilt’ and loves having the young ones in bed (“They smell great!”)
  • Doctor – working in triage 3 days a week and training in obstetrics (being a woman and having experienced pregnancy loss and IVF isn’t true for most of the specialty!)
  • Wife – a single mother for some of her children, Jana has conceived two children using donor sperm and has donated eggs for IVF. She loves and appreciates her Mum’s and her husband’s support.

And if that’s not enough to wear you out, let’s throw in her appearance on SAS Australia just six months after having a baby!

You’ll love this very real chat, and listen in for the first ‘Tits Up, Tits Out’ moment ;>)

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More about our guest - Jana Pittman:


Jana Pittman has represented Australia at three Olympic Games and is the first Australian woman to compete in both a Summer and Winter Olympics. A two-time World Champion and four-time Commonwealth Champion in the 400 metre hurdles, she is recognised as one of Australia’s greatest female athletes. But there is so much more to Jana than her sporting achievements. She is a mother of four, a medical doctor, and an inspiration with an amazing ability to pick herself up after setbacks that would crush most of us.

Follow Jana on Instagram @janapittmanofficial
And watch her journey on SAS Australia on Channel 7 from 13th September

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