Imagine feeling relaxed, calm and confident…

as you nuture your baby or child, gently and safely, with respect for their needs as you balance your own.

Are you?

  • Expecting a baby and feeling overloaded with information?

    Thinking, I want to breastfeed – if I can. But so many of my friends had problems?

  • Home alone with your newborn and wishing you had a buzzer to call for help with feeding, sleeping and calming the tears?

    (yours and your baby’s!)

  • desperately seeking sleep, but you can't bear to leave your baby to cry in order to 'train' him?

    (but this is the only advice you hear)

  • Are you wondering, which information can I trust? Will I be able to breastfeed?

    8What is the best way to help my baby sleep? If we cuddle him too much, are we creating ‘bad habits’?

Wouldn’t you feel much better if you could have a nurturing guide to help you adapt to this new and exciting (but confusing and challenging) time?

Somebody who can light your way through a dark tunnel of confusion and overwhelm; somebody who isn’t judgemental yet can look at the situation with fresh eyes and a wealth of experience and training; somebody calm and gentle who can help you see the wood from the trees and who will really listen to you? In every other aspect of your life whether it is in regards to professional development, fitness, or finances, you seek out role models, trainers and mentors, so why go it alone in the most important role of all – becoming parents and nurturing your precious baby?

You have the power within you to be exactly the parent you want to be. I have helped thousands of parents just like you, to seize this power and nurture with confidence and joy. And I can help you.

I offer personal one on one support through private in-home or phone consultations, on-going support through my online ‘Mummy Mentor’ programs and a wealth of information in my articles, blog, books and recording packages as well as my FREE newsletter.

Together, we can work it out because…

I not only have the runs on the board professionally – I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) and a best-selling author – I am also a mother of five. I know exactly how it feels to be at the front-line – day and night! I understand the balancing act between meeting your child’s needs and taking care of yourself and I can empathise with the enormous pressure you feel to get everything ‘right’ amidst the confusion and overwhelm you feel when you are being bombarded by conflicting information. I also appreciate that every baby is a unique little person and every family has their own special way of being.

Please take heart – all information I share is based on the latest research. However, it is presented so simply that even in a muddled new mama state, you will quickly feel in charge; you will bond deeply with your baby ( even after a difficult beginning); you will enjoy precious moments of delight with your little one and your confidence will soar!

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