From Rule-aholic Corporate Bitch-in-Charge to Rebel Mama, Rule-Breaker.

with Laura Rafferty

Episode 4: From Rule-aholic Corporate Bitch-in-Charge to Rebel Mama, Rule-Breaker.


Today’s guest Laura Rafferty is a New York based author of a brand-new book about to be released, ‘Rebel Mama’. I have had the pleasure of writing Laura’s Foreword – it’s a great read and a reflection of so many corporate career focussed women I have worked with who love structure, rules, spread-sheets and protocol – and then they have a baby!

In this fun and insightful interview Laura tells us:

  • How, as a type A personality who worked in Corporate America all of her career, she imagined having a baby might fit into her super rules-based, organised life
  • Her ‘tits up’ awakening around the realities of pregnancy and having a baby, to ‘surrender’, letting go of control and becoming a ‘rebel Mama.’
  • The biggest learnings and light bulb moments around caring for a little baby who hadn’t read the rule book, especially around feeding and sleep.
  • Her Big feelings around returning to work with a very young baby, then the impact of the global pandemic and becoming a working-from-home mother, separated from family during New York’s devastating Covid outbreak in 2020.
  • How she faced varying opinions from friends, family and professionals because of her choices and how she handled these.

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More about our guest - Laura Rafferty:

Laura Rafferty lives in upstate New York with her husband, Justin, and her son, Jack.  It’s a perfect place to live for her, as she loves all four seasons and all of the corresponding outdoor activities.  Her favourite things to do are running, traveling, cooking and reading.  Laura has worked in corporate America for her entire career but writing a book has been one of her lifelong dreams.  Becoming a mother gave her the content and the motivation to make that dream a reality.  As an avid reader, research for the book was more of a hobby than a chore.  And she shared her journey in the book to give other mamas the support and sanity check that she was looking for!

Rebel Mama, the book

Getting pregnant and having a baby was nothing like type-A Laura had planned.  Tossed completely off balance, and in the midst of a global pandemic, she went from rule follower and spreadsheet organizer to rebel mama by the time her son, Jack, celebrated his first birthday.

Join Laura in redefining motherhood norms through the milestones of getting pregnant, giving birth, circumcision, breastfeeding, sleeping, introducing solids, and all the phases in between. Her story shares what worked for her, and unlike many parenting books, is not meant to be a how to guide.  Rather, it is meant to invite every fellow mama to awaken her rebellious side and storm the gates of any modern parenting practice that goes against her instinct!

Rebel Mama will be released in September. It is available for pre-order, and if you pre-order during August, you will be sent a fabulous fake Rebel Mama Tattoo.

Pre-order NOW on Amazon!

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