Half Arsed Mothering – is good enough, enough?

with Dr Susie Obrien

Episode 5: Half Arsed Mothering – is good enough, enough?


With Dr Susie Obrien, journalist and columnist, Herald Sun and Sunrise, Author, ‘The Secret of Half-Arsed Parenting: Raising Kids with Half the Guilt and Twice the Joy’.

Enjoy this racy and fun rant with Susie as she defines ‘half-arsed parenting’. Hint: it’s not negligence or opting out.

Susie shares:

  • What she is seeing as changes and increasing pressures for parents over her 19 years of writing about parenting and social issues.
  • How we are making parenting harder for ourselves.
  • Crazy pressures that create isolation for all mothers, especially new mums
  • Why and how to give ourselves a break, ditch perfection pressure and guilt. Hint: You will love Susie’s brilliant tip for half-arsing school bake sales!
  • Where the line is between ‘half-arsed parenting’ and ‘good enough’ parenting and how we can tell what side of the line we are on, and changes might be in order

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More about our guest - Dr Susie Obrien:

Dr Susie OBrien is a journalist and columnist with a PhD in Education. For the last 19 years she has written about parenting and social issues for the Herald Sun and other News Ltd papers, and she appears weekly on Channel Seven’s Sunrise. She and her partner have five kids between them – they’re the Brady Bunch, without Alice to cook dinner every night.

Susie is the author of, ‘The Secret of Half-Arsed Parenting: Raising Kids with Half the Guilt and Twice the Joy’. See Susie’s book on Amazon and follow her on Facebook