Healthy muffins for fussy eaters (and everybody else)

Mum question: Does anyone have any simple recipes for healthy muffins? My 4yr old is a very fussy eater. Thought if I could make a healthy muffin she would eat it.

Pinky says: I have been baking these oatmeal muffins for years –I first discovered the original version  in a La Leche League  cookbook,’ Whole Foods for The Whole Family’. Over the years I have adapted and made many versions. They are really simple and seem to be a ‘never fail’  – you just mix all the ingredients together and pop them in the oven . If you have kids with food sensitivities, adapt ingredients, using different flours, grains or ‘milk’ as suggested below.

 Pinky’s ‘Oatmeal’ Muffins  

1 cup flour (wholemeal,  spelt, buckwheat,  gluten free mix)

1 ½ tsp baking  powder (or baking soda if using buttermilk or yoghurt)

1 cup rolled oats or quinoa (gluten free option)

1 cup ‘milk’  or yoghurt or buttermilk  ( rice milk/oatmilk/ soy milk/ almond milk)

2 TBS  raw sugar or honey

1/3 cup oil   (sunflower / olive/ coconut)

1 egg (optional)

Fruit – grated  or chopped pear (low salicylate); grated apple;  mashed banana (Makes muffins soft and moist); berries; nectarines; carrot and cinnamon; rhubarb and apple; lemon and coconut– whatever you like.

Mix everything together , bake at 180 degrees for  10 – 15 minutes