Making Money and Mothering on Your Terms

with Leonie Dawson

Episode 7: Making Money and Mothering on Your Terms


Leonie Dawson is a multi-millionaire Mum who’s built a business from scratch in only ten hours a week – because that’s all the time she had around a high needs baby!

Check out this sage advice from a Mum who knows how to combat the whirlwind expectations of perfection that plague mothers. And if she forgets and buys into the myth, then out comes ‘Sharon’ – Leonie’s anti-christ persona armed with the emotional ‘blowtorch’ demanding a spotless, organised house, wearing lycra active wear shouting:

“Whose f@#king socks are these!? I’ve been picking up f@#king socks all day! I don’t even bloody wear them!”

Then the calm after the storm when the family joins in on the ‘hour of power’, where done is better than perfect. And as she quips, the rest is just a ‘sloppy hobby’ :>)

On this episode we discuss:

  • Mums and money – why women having money matters.
  • Simple tips even if you don’t have lots of money – Leonie started with nothing too.
  • How Leonie was recently diagnosed with Autism and ADHD and the impacts.
  • Leonie’s lifestyle and her mantra ‘Go Slow, Do Less’
  • You might be dying of envy at the lifestyle Leonie has created for her family, but she has ‘tits up’ moments just like the rest of us. Listen and laugh!

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More about our guest - Leonie Dawson:


Leonie Dawson is an internationally best-selling author of the 2021 Goal Getter workbooks & planners which have been used by over 400,000 people worldwide.

A multi-passionate entrepreneur, Leonie has generated over $10 million in revenue while only working 10 hours a week. Leonie has been recognised for her business acumen by winning Ausmumpreneur’s People’s Choice Business Coach, Global Brand & Businesses Making a Difference Awards.

Leonie has spent the last 10 years living in some of the most beautiful places around Australia. She currently lives with her two daughters and husband on the Sunshine Coast.

Leonie uses she/they pronouns.

Visit Leonie’s Website, see her amazing courses and download her ‘Free Shit’ (Glorious Freebies)