10 Mums Share Their Stories Of Being Shamed For Breastfeeding In Public

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According to lactation expert Pinky McKay, it sadly happens a lot more than we probably realise.

Speaking to 10 daily, Pinky said we need to step away from the idea that mums who are breastfeeding are ‘flaunting their breasts’ when they are simply trying to feed and nourish their newborn babies.

She explained it’s this kind of behaviour that chips away at a mother’s confidence and makes them less likely to venture out with their baby.

“It creates a perfect storm of isolation and anxiety that can lead to early weaning and in turn, grief and feelings of inadequacy for that mother who really wanted to breastfeed her baby,” she said.

In Pinky’s line of work, she has seen this happen all too many times, with a large proportion of mums having negative experiences when breastfeeding in public.

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