Dated advice links breastfeeding to tooth decay

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NEW mums are being bombarded with ill-advised warnings that babies who fall asleep on the breast while feeding end up with tooth decay.

An Australian breastfeeding expert says some health practitioners are scaring new mums with dated information that breast milk can cause decay, and some are warning to brush the tiny tots’ gums.

Research from the 1970s suggested breast milk pools in the child’s mouth and rots the teeth, similar to a child being left to suck on a bottle. But evidence-based research has since debunked that theory.

“Sadly, I hear all the time about anxious mums thinking they should give up breastfeeding as they don’t want to harm the child. It is very concerning that some medics cite old studies and don’t keep up with research,” national breastfeeding expert Pinky McKay told The Courier-Mail.

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