‘Give yourself a damn big tick if you got dressed today’: How one mother stopped trying to be a ‘super mum’… and says there’s no shame in asking others for help

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  • Parenting expert Pinky McKay says mums expect too much of themselves
  • She believes women think their lives have to be as perfect as celebrities
  • Ms McKay says women need to ‘surrender’ some of their responsibilities
  • Mother-of-three Tania Delahoy said she set high standards for herself
  • However she is now finding a better balance by getting others to help her

The modern day mother is often expected to raise children, go to work, cook, clean, socialise, be a loving partner and hit the gym.

But being unable to do it all is not only completely unrealistic, but also highly likely to lead to health issues, one parenting expert believes.

Pinky McKay, an award winning author and consultant from Melbourne, said women feel too much pressure to compete with the ideal lives celebrities display on social media.

‘Is a bit of a trap. There’s a lot more pressure to keep up with trends and look good, but we forget these women are posting the best of themselves,’ Ms McKay told Daily Mail Australia.

‘Mums have unrealistic expectations. Someone might be great at making a birthday cake, another mum might be great at doing hair and another mother might have a six-pack and mums think they’ve got to do all these things to be the perfect 10.

‘But no one is going to manage to achieve the whole lot, because people only want to share their best selves.

‘Give yourself a damn big tick if you got dressed today – you got over one line.’

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