“Let her celebrate” – Pinky McKay pleads for an end to the mum-shaming

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Lactation consultant and Parenting By Heart author Pinky McKay has just shared a common-sense update pointing out that celebrating one thing (breastfeeding) is not covertly shaming another (formula feeding) – and she’s bang on the money.

While Pinky’s post was prompted by the chatter around Jessica Simpson’s pride in her breastfeeding supply, this combative phenomenon has been gaining momentum for quite some time. People seem to think that promoting or supporting one thing means you are diminishing another.

What happened with Jess was that she posted an image of a bottle of expressed breast milk on Instagram, with a caption noting that she felt successful for pumping so much milk. The mummy shamers came for Jess quickly, asserting that she was implying that those who didn’t breastfeed were not successful.

Really, Jess was simply celebrating what she’d achieved after a very difficult pregnancy and c-section birth. She was focusing on the good. But critics being critics, they reached for an ulterior meaning and it all kicked off in the comments of what should have been a positive post.

Article by Pip Lincoln, published on Babyology – Read the full article here