Mother’s Day with Pinky McKay

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Pinky McKay is well known for her Boobie Bikkies and her heart led parenting books. It was my absolute honour to meet Pinky McKay at the Essential Baby & Toddler Show in Brisbane, I was actually a little bit nervous and overwhelmed and embarrassingly I said a lot of ‘Is it really you!!’ I first learnt of Pinky when my fellow Mum friend handed me Pinkys book ‘Toddler Tactics’ which I clung to, night after night until I had armed myself with some parenting tools to use with my daughter’s particularly strong leadership skills!!

I, and I am sure many other mums want to say a big THANK YOU PINKY!! 😉

My husband and I had the MOST fun chatting with Pinky and were in stitches as she told us about her car and her family! SO I asked her to share a little with you all and as you can image I was STOKED when she said yes!! ENJOY!!

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