Mum Issues Warning After Baby Nearly Dies From Drinking Bath Water

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A mum who was forced to rush her 11-month-old daughter to emergency after she drank too much bath water has issued a warning to other parents.
US mum Katie Gorter said her baby Emily became sick after ingesting a significant amount of bath water, detailing the scary experience of near water intoxication on Facebook.

“Currently dealing with my 11-month-old having water intoxication! I only ever offer 2oz (60mL) a day and usually she doesn’t finish it,” the Oregon woman wrote.

“Yesterday she discovered she could drink the bath water. I didn’t think much of it at the time and later ended up rushing her to the ER.

“She became lethargic, started vomiting, and then was struggling to breath. She had so much water in her it was compressing her lungs!”

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