A change of nurturing style

I really would like to thank you. I had my first baby 5 years ago and I did the Gina Ford Contented Baby routines with him. Amazingly, it worked well and he was a fabulous sleeper…BUT, I think he might have been regardless of a routine. He was just a very chilled out little man. I must admit, I didn’t follow it 100%. I still made eye contact at bedtime and I would chat to him and sing little songs and kiss him lots! Who can resist?! Fast forward to 9 weeks ago when I had my second baby, Fergus. Lucky for Fergs, I was too lazy to start any kind of routine early on. In the meantime, I downloaded your talks to my ipod and listened to them while folding washing, mopping the floors etc. OH MY GOSH! My whole approach to parenting has changed SO much. I feed him to sleep, and love his little smile as I gently pop him into bed without waking him up. I can’t stand to let him cry! Funny thing is, at 9 weeks old he goes to bed after his bath and a little massage at 7-7.30pm and he sleeps until 5am! For now, I am happy to get up with him at 5am because I have missed him so much all night! So, thank you! You have changed our lives.