"I just want to thank you for your wonderful book (Sleeping Like a Baby) - I read it in one day. I was under a lot of pressure from family to sleep train using the CIO method and before even falling pregnant I hated the practice. I was told that I need parenting classes; that my baby won’t reach her milestones; that I’m spoiling her; that I’m creating further sleep issues; that my baby is ruling the roost; and that I’m “free range” parenting. The health nurse that checks her development also told me to stop night feeding and give her water instead because she should be sleeping 12 hours overnight without the need to feed. She was only 6 months at the time. She also said to give her as much water as she wants. I tried this for one wake up and then “gave in” and fed her to sleep and I have no regrets. She is a very happy and thriving 9 month old. I still feed or cuddle her to sleep depending on what she needs and have continued to feed her overnight if she wants a feed. Sometimes she sleeps 12 hours, sometimes she is awake every hour and I’m happy to respond to her needs. Your book has given me the confidence to shrug off all the horrible advice that I’m given as a first time mum and to follow my own instincts.