Caitlin Balle

I just finished ‘sleeping like a baby’. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making me realise that my baby and I are no exception to the rule – in terms of the fact that we don’t fit any pre-determined schedules or moulds. This is what many well-intentioned people have led me to believe over the last few months (or worse – essentially insinuated that it wasn’t that there was anything ‘wrong’ with my baby, but that she wasn’t a good sleeper because I wasn’t ‘persistent’ enough with sleep training). I was doing my own head in – anxious, not sleeping – pretty well a hot mess, because my baby wasn’t sleeping like she was ‘supposed to’. Well, I’m now giving my bub as many cuddles as she needs and doing everything gently with love… I should have listened to my inner voice and trusted in myself from the beginning. My drive to be doing it right was so misguided, when all I wanted was the best for our beautiful Alana. Well now, I am doing it right, and it feels right and it’s un large part because of you xxxxxxxxx