Home visit – perceived low weight gain

Last night I snuggled with my daughter and slept soundly for the first time since visiting the maternal and child health nurse. You have returned my peace of mind and confidence that my daughter is doing as well as I thought she was, as opposed to “suffering in silence”. Within the first 10 minutes of your visit you alleviated ALL of my concerns through explaining “normal” growth patterns and showing me the WHO chart. I can’t thank you enough for returning me to a place where I can simply enjoy my beautiful daughter and marvel at her developments without hearing the health nurse’s concerns echoing in my mind. It was crazy really that I even considered Zara would be “suffering in silence” when she’s always communicated her needs to me so clearly! It was wonderful meeting you and I apologise if I was vague towards the end of your visit. I have found the last 5 days tiring as I’ve battled with what I felt was happening versus the health nurse’s views. It’s such a shame that there are so many draconian views out there towards our precious little ones. I am beyond pleased that people like you are around to help us mums with caring, logical and respectful knowledge to help us along the wonderful and tumultuous journey of parenthood. This experience has reinforced how important it is to not take other people’s views on board without question when they don’t sit right with me. Thank you again!!