Parenting by Heart – praise from a 3rd time mother

I’m just reading though Parenting by Heart and I just had to message you to let you know how wonderful it is. Toby is our 3rd and I find that we are still learning and so far, your book has been so validating. I was reading it in the car at school pick up and I had to put it down because I was getting so teary, seeing the validation of all of our work. I’m also nodding along to the importance of the birth section, I can’t agree more with it. I had a home birth with Toby after pulling out of the hospital system due to their lack of flexibility with care (pushing the one-size-fits-all approach). I had such a beautiful pregnancy after that and such a serene and beautiful home water birth, I have bonded with this baby like I have never known before. He is such a perfect, serene baby (he does wake through the night but who cares!) I think my pregnancy and birth had a huge part to play. It’s also great to read that these hormones are still raging up to 6 months. I have found it really difficult to return to study as I just want to be with baby and do nothing else! I did not find this with my firs two boys so this is all new to me. Thank you for your beautiful, brilliant book. I am buying copies for my pregnant friends!