Sleep seminar – started sleeping through

Thanks for the sleep seminar. It was both reassuring and affirming as well as providing a few new tips. My little man (13months) must have heard my cry for more sleep as he has started sleeping through the night of his own accord! Not sure why – I have been making sure he has a full tummy and ending the day with a banana and as you suggested, he had teeth coming through – but not sure what else! So glad I have stuck to my gentle techniques though. A mum told me today that she used controlled crying for her 1 year old. It sort of puzzled me as her version of controlled crying was to let him cry it out. And you guessed it, he stopped after 45 mins. The next time he cried a bit less and after that was quiet (or gave up!). I felt pangs of pain for the little darling and know I couldn’t let Myles cry like that without coming to his aid. Best wishes and thanks for being a loving, kind and respectful voice amongst all the parenting experts!