Sleep teleseminar – baby now sleeping after food elimination

Thanks for organising the teleseminar on sleep. After and year and a half of my son waking up every hour, followed hot on the heels of my daughter doing exactly the same (a two hour sleep was bliss) within the week my daughter is now sleeping 3 to 4 hours at a stretch. What made the difference? Certainly not sleeping training, which we tried with my son to no avail, one hour sleeping, one hour crying, one hour sleeping, one hour crying and on it went. The difference is that at the beginning of this week we both stopped eating oranges, tomatoes and drinking grape juice after I listened to your pre seminar talk. Far Out!!! That’s all it took!!! I don’t know how many times I’ve been told to try control crying, which after the experience with our son knew instinctively wasn’t the answer. I’ve been to our sleep training centre. I have followed Elizabeth Pantley’s recommendations since my daughter’s birth (so many of which have worked wonderfully in so many ways but never had the desired effect of longer stretches of sleep), I have read so many books (unfortunately not yours), and have spoken to paediatricians, GP’s and child health nurses. I am utterly amazed that no one ever suggested eliminating oranges, grapes and tomatoes from my diet. The prospect now seems a lot less daunting. I know I’ll be cutting out these foods from the beginning and perhaps they will make a difference to reflux (another battle which I finally had diagnosed and treated in my daughter at 4 months, which made a huge difference), and sleep generally. As much as I enjoy breastfeeding, and tandem feeding, every hour during the night is far to frequent. So thank you ABA for promoting your seminar and thank you Pinky for your commitment to helping mothers enjoy their children and find gentle solutions to sleep issues.