Sleeping like a Baby – thanks from Mum of twins

Im 28 years old and I have 12 week old twins, born at 35 weeks, a boy and a girl- Tayte and Breea. I just wanted to send you an email saying thank you.When I was pregnant my sister bought me a book on baby sleeping, it is a book with very strict routines. She heard from one of her friends how great it was. I did try to follow the routine suited to their age, from about 7 weeks old, but it just was not working. They seemed to get extra hungry in the afternoons and I did try to hold them out til the desired time for a feed in the routine, I thought it might be their witching hour. The book also suggests a ‘dreamfeed’, I personally didn’t try that….I dont believe that it is the right thing to do. I would put my babies down to have a sleep, but they weren’t tired when the book stated they should be put down to sleep, in saying that, im finding they have little naps and a good sleep during the day. My mother and mother-in-law are a great help, but they would hold the babies til they slept and I was so scard of them being so dependant on being cuddled to fall asleep, I would make them put the kids down in their cots. So, after about 3 weeks on this ‘routine’, I just thought….this isn’t for my babies. I did some research on the internet and came across forums about your book Sleeping Like a Baby, it got great reviews. I bought your book and I can not put it down. It is fantastic. The kids (my husband and I don’t call them ‘the twins’, they are each their own little person) are waking once through the night, usually between 1-3am, I feed them and they go back to bed really easily, but come 4-5am, they are unsettled and upset. We put them in bed with us and they just sleep so well for a few more hours, sometimes they are hungry and I feed them again. Your book doesn’t make me feel guilty for co sleeping with my babies or giving them plenty of love and attention. I now let my kids decide when they are hungry and tired and lucky for me, both of them are pretty much at the same time. I now always put myself in their shoes and think what it would feel like to be them. And I think, adults don’t always eat lunch at the same time or have tea at the exact same time everyday, and we do get hungry more sometimes. My husband and I agree on a bedtime ritual, we bath them, feed them and if they aren’t sleepy, read them a book. They both are pretty easy to settle….for now. I feel much more relaxed now with my babies and am enjoying them so much more, all thanks to your book. I don’t feel like I am doing the wrong them by them or me. Strict routines might work for some babies, but not mine. Thank you Pinky for a loving and caring book that not only understands babies, but parents to. I will be recommending your book to all mothers.