Toddler Tactics

Do you automatically cut toast into fingers?

Appreciate finger painting as much as fine art?

Hear ‘no’ a million times a day?

If the answer is yes, then Toddler Tactics is for you. Being the parent of a toddler can be exciting, inspiring and exhausting – all at once! Your biddable baby has now become a moving, grooving tot with attitude, and it will take all your patience and skill to deal with these changes.


Scientists tell us that approximately half of a child’s intelligence is developed by the age of four: This means that your child will learn faster in the first four years than in the next forty.”

Toddler Tactics is bursting with practical strategies and hassle-free advice for making the toddler years the exhilarating experience they should be, including techniques for dealing with tantrums, mummy meltdowns, walking, talking, weaning and learning, as well as:

  • Create a safe sleeping environment;

  • Help your baby sleep naturally, without resorting to ‘cry it out’ regimes;

  • Read your baby’s body language so that learning to sleep becomes a stress-free process for parent and child;

  • Feed infants to encourage sleep;

  • Assist your baby’s sleep with natural aids such as massage and music, and meditation for toddlers;

  • Gently change any ‘habit’ gradually, with love, when you and your baby are ready and;

  • Ignore the pressure to implement ‘one size fits all’ baby management routines and feel confident that YOU are the expert about YOUR baby’s sleep needs.

Toddler Tactics is a great resource for parents of wonderful one year olds, terrific twos and thrilling threes.

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