Can a Psychologist help you and your child?

with Rebecca Cefai

Episode 25: Can a Psychologist help you and your child?


As a Mum of two – and child psychologist – you might think Rebecca Cefai, director of Growing Gently Psychology has all the answers, but Rebecca reminds us that sometimes parents “do all the right things” but they still end up having to take their child to a psychologist.”

Young children and infants have the capacity to feel and react to (but perhaps not understand) what is happening in their environment. The clues for distress can often be non -verbal, and may come out as negative behaviours.  For instance, although they don’t have an intellectual (adult) understanding of covid lockdowns, devastating bushfires and floods, they can perceive the frustrations and tensions that these things may bring to the family.

There can be lots of fear and shame around taking your child to a psychologist as parents worry:

“Will my parenting be judged?”

“What are you going to say or what weird voodoo are you going to my child?”

In this episode, Rebecca demystifies what ‘therapy’ with a child looks like – and no, she doesn’t have a magic wand!

We discuss:

  • When should I take my child to a psychologist?
  • Will a psychologist judge my parenting?
  • Does taking my child to a psychologist mean I am a bad parent?
  • How old do children need to be to see a psychologist?
  • What do I do if my child doesn’t want to see a psychologist, but needs to?
  • PLUS some common everyday situations (like supermarket tantrums) that all parents can relate to.

It sounds super clinical, but Rebecca emphasises that psychologists can be just another support to add to your village – ‘on the team’ along with parent and child. She says, ”we seek to empower parents to be gentle not only towards their children, but also themselves, so they can be confident in their parenting role, enjoy childhood, and grow with their child.”


See more about Rebecca’s clinical work and her ‘Growing Gently Village’, a monthly Parent Support Group for families with children 0 to 5, in the Blue Mountains, NSW (Just outside of Western Sydney)



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More about our guest: Rebecca Cefai, Growing Gently Psychology

Rebecca Cefai is a psychologist from the Blue Mountains, Australia and mother of two young children. Rebecca has worked with children and families for nearly 10 years in a range of roles including as an educator in out of school hours care, school counsellor, playgroup facilitator, group program facilitator, early childhood intervention therapist, and assessor.

Rebecca often talks openly about how after becoming a mother herself, she was confronted with the myriad of misinformation and conflicting advice surrounding parenthood and child development.  This became the motivating force for her establishing Growing Gently Psychology. Through Growing Gently Psychology, Rebecca aims to be a positive source of information to parents which doesn’t dictate how they should parent but empowers them to make their own parenting decisions which are informed, mindful, compassionate, and value aligned. Rebecca has an active presence on social media in order to share her approach in supporting children and families, particularly when it comes to supporting child emotions and behaviours.

Read more about Rebecca’s work and services at

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