Mothering The Mother

with Renee Adair

Episode 13: Mothering the Mother


Having an experienced Doula by your side before, during and after childbirth can fill a space that partners and parents may struggle with, or just not be equipped to handle.

A sense of independent emotional support and help to understand – or just be a sounding board – for choices are among the benefits of having a ‘villager’ in your corner.

Renee Adair has sometimes been called ‘coach’ (which amuses her). She feels her role is more around gently modelling behaviours, being of practical help – certainly not training or judging.

Renee understands the bravery it takes to be vulnerable and ask for help. It’s a unique time during the very early days of motherhood. Focus on the bonding and forget about strict expectations. In Renee’s words:

“Get your head out of the way and come from your heart”

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More about our guest - Renee Adair:


Renee Adair (Womb to Tomb Doula) is the founder and director of the Australian Doula College, the Groundwork Program and the ADC’s charity-arm Doula Heart Network.

After the birth of her two children, Renee began studying and working as a Doula and Childbirth and Early Parenting Educator. Renee then worked for the Australian Red Cross at a young women’s health program/refuge in Sydney’s East, setting up both the outreach and childbirth and early parenting education programs for that service.

Working In collaboration, Renee helped produce the first research on Doulas in Australia which was published in the Journal of Perinatal Education in 2013. She has spoken on a variety of radio programmes, at conferences and seminars and is a regular contributor for a range of publications, websites and podcasts

Renee has moved to change the way we think about Doula support, helping launch Preparing the Way with its founder Helen Callanan some years ago, with a view to create the space for the wider community to see Doula support though a broader lens, supporting all major life transitions, not just in the birthing space.

In 2019 Renee proudly partnered with Charles Darwin University to co facilitate Accredited Doula training for Indigenous women in the remote First Nations community of Galiwin’ku. She has sat on the Consumer Advisory Board of the Australian College of Midwives, trained thousands of Doulas and supported hundreds of women, their partners and families through pregnancy, birth, early parenting and end of life over the course of her career.

A fierce advocate for human rights and the rights of all sentient beings, Renee blends her life’s work, spending downtime with her family, friends and fur babies.

See Renee’s website